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What is a digital vignette?

A digital vignette or e-vignette is an online alternative to a traditional sticker vignette. Vignettes prove that a driver has covered the toll and can legally use the motorways and expressways in a given country. Most countries where vignettes are applicable already decided to replace the physical toll stickers with digital vignettes.

In most cases, the vignette requirement applies to motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3.5 t. Every vignette country has also introduced its own specific rules and requirements concerning vignettes, including the list of toll roads where the vignette is required. Also, the available types of a vignette may differ depending on the country.

The introduction of the e-vignette system has eliminated the need to place a physical sticker on the vehicle’s windscreen, which used to be problematic and impractical. Contrarily to traditional vignettes, the e-vignette requires no physical stickers or printed confirmation. All the vehicle’s essential details are automatically stored in the online system, and the camera system can verify vehicles driving on the roads subject to tolls.

A digital vignette can be obtained online. All you need is a working electronic device connected to the Internet, a valid means of online payment, and an active email address. Once the order is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with your purchased vignette.

digital vignette

Countries offering digital vignettes

Digital vignettes are becoming increasingly popular in Europe, with more and more countries introducing e-vignette systems. Following there is a list of countries offering digital vignettes:

How to buy vignette

How to buy an e-vignette 

Ordering a digital vignette online should take a couple of minutes. No matter the country where you will be driving with a vignette, the purchasing process consists of the same steps. First of all, choose the vignette country and the vignette type that best matches your driving needs and follow the three steps left:

  1. Put all necessary details: Enter your vehicle information, including license plate number and the country of your vehicle’s registration; indicate the start date of your vignette in the online calendar.
  2. Pay for e-vignette: Choose one preferred online payment method and cover the processing fee.
  3. Receive your vignette: Shortly after processing your payment, the vignette confirmation should arrive in your email inbox. Now, you’re ready to go!

Important: In most countries, you don’t need to carry a printed confirmation of your vignette, as the digital vignette system functions entirely online. However, do remember to save your vignette copy on your mobile device to ensure a hassle-free drive.

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