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Switzerland Vignette

Order a mandatory Switzerland digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

About Switzerland vignette online

The Switzerland vignette is a mandatory document for all drivers using the network of Swiss motorways and certain national roads. The vignette requirement covers both international drivers and Swiss nationals driving on the toll roads in Switzerland, including all motor vehicles and trailers whose GVW is not over 3.5t.

Luckily, since August 2023, it is no longer necessary to obtain a traditional toll sticker as digital vignettes are finally available. Contrarily to physical vignettes, digital ones are not assigned directly to the particular vehicle but to the vehicle registration number. In practice, it means that a driver is not required to obtain an additional vignette for the vehicle with the same registration number.

The official Switzerland vignette is available only in one type, i.e., an annual vignette whose validity is 14 months. The Swiss vignette validity starts on December 1st of the year preceding the purchase and ends on January 31st of the following year.

Despite introducing the e-vignette system in Switzerland, traditional vignettes are still being sold. Nevertheless, getting a Swiss vignette online is way more convenient. A driver needs to have access to a valid means of online payment and an active email address. After providing all the required vehicle details and covering the fee, an active Swiss vignette is delivered straight to the buyer’s email inbox.

Driving in Switzerland without holding a valid vignette (a traditional or a digital one) is subject to a fine of CHF 200 plus the costs of the missing vignette.

According to the announcement of the Swiss government, the traditional vignettes may be phased out once 90% of drivers prefer to buy their digital alternatives.

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Switzerland vignette types and fees

Switzerland offers only one type of vignette. Therefore, no matter how long you plan to drive in Switzerland, you can only buy:

  • an annual vignette: a 14-month vignette valid from Dec. 1st of the previous year until Jan.31st of the following year

A Swiss official vignette can be purchased either as a digital vignette or a physical sticker toll. Vignettes are available at various vignette outlets. Their price is 58 EUR.


Important: Although your trip through Switzerland takes only one day or just a few hours, you still should obtain an annual Swiss motorway vignette to avoid potential financial penalties. Unfortunately, Switzerland does not offer short-term vignette options.

How to buy a Switzerland vignette online

The process of buying a Swiss motorway vignette online consists of only a few very intuitive and straightforward steps. Just grab any working electronic device, check the Internet connection, and buy a vignette by following these simple steps:

  1. Put all required details: Enter all necessary details, such as your vehicle category, registration country, and license plate number.
  2. Pay the service fee: Choose one of the available means of online payment and cover the fee of 58 Euro.
  3. Receive your active vignette: Shortly after the payment has been made, make sure to check your email inbox – the active vignette will be delivered there.

Please note that there is no cooling-off period before the Swiss e-vignette becomes active. Once you receive an email confirmation, you can immediately use it in Switzerland.

Note: If you prefer to obtain a traditional adhesive vignette, you can get it at one of the vignette sales points, such as petrol stations located at the Swiss borders. Also, obtaining a vignette is possible by joining a lane at the country’s border dedicated to vehicles traveling without a Swiss vignette.

Switzerland vignette

Why are vignettes mandatory in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of many countries in Europe that decided to implement the vignette system for specific vehicle categories using the toll roads in the country. At the moment, the vignette obligation applies to all motor vehicles with GVW up to 3.5t, including motorcycles, trailers, and cars.

The money collected through the Swiss e-vignette system can be next spent on maintaining the national road infrastructure. Drivers who attempt to avoid or get around the Swiss vignette requirement should bear in mind that it is possible by choosing routes other than motorways. They should, however, note that it may be very inconvenient. Moreover, entering Swiss roads subject to toll without a valid vignette may result in fines. Buy the motorway vignette for Switzerland to ensure a hassle-free drive in the country.

Exceptions to the mandatory vignette usage in Switzerland

Using Swiss highways without an active vignette is allowed only for certain vehicle categories, including

  • vehicles holding military license plates
  • police
  • vehicles aimed at helping citizens
  • test vehicles
  • vehicles for driver testing
  • fixed trailers
  • trailers and trolleys for motorcycles
  • certain tractors

Any other vehicle up to 3.5t is subject to the vignette obligation in Switzerland.

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Special toll

The Swiss motorway vignette covers most tunnels in Switzerland. However, two tunnels require covering additional toll fees. These tunnels include:

  • the Munt la Schera tunnel (Livigno)
  • the San Bernardino tunnel

Also, you should be ready to cover extra fees when using:

  • car trains
  • some ferries
  • the Oberaar panorama road at the Grimsel pass

Switzerland toll roads


Using the network of Swiss highways without an e-vignette or a traditional toll sticker can be a costly experience – the fine is CHF 200 (excluding the costs of the Swiss vignette). Moreover, you should know that misusing the Switzerland vignette can result in financial penalties, too. Especially if you inappropriately affix the sticker vignette or transfer it from one vehicle to another.

Do not try to forge the Swiss vignette. Apart from the financial penalty, you may face legal consequences, such as reporting to the Attorney General of Switzerland.

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