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Moldova Vignette

Order a mandatory Moldova digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

About Moldova vignette online

The Moldova vignette is a mandatory road tax that must be covered by drivers of certain vehicles registered outside Moldova. The country has introduced many vignette types which differ in terms of validity period. Drivers can obtain a Moldovan vignette for either 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, or more than 6 months.

Motor vehicles that must obtain a vignette include buses, passenger cars, trailers, and trucks. The vignette requirement does not cover motorcycles.

Moldova introduced a digital vignette system in 2017, facilitating the purchase of a mandatory vignette. Still, drivers can also buy a road vignette at vignette outlets located at the country’s border crossing points.

Drivers who prefer to obtain a Moldovan vignette online need to provide certain details about their vehicles, cover the service fee, and receive the vignette confirmation via email. The confirmation should be printed out and shown during the vignette control in Moldova.

Using the toll roads in Moldova without having a valid vignette may result in receiving a fine. Its amount depends on the length of time you have traveled without a vignette.

Buy a Moldova vignette online, avoid unnecessary stress, and drive in Moldova issues-free! After completing the order, you may use your vignette immediately. There is no cooling-off period before your vignette starts active.

Moldova vignette

Moldova vignette types and fees

Moldova offers various vignette types. Depending on your driving needs, you can choose between the following ones:

Passenger cars

7-day vignette
15-day vignette
30-day vignette
16 EUR
90-day vignette
45 EUR
180-day vignette
85 EUR
vignette for over 180 days
180 EUR

Delivery cars and trucks

7-day vignette
20 EUR
15-day vignette
no vignette
30-day vignette
40 EUR
90-day vignette
100 EUR
180-day vignette
no vignette
annual vignette
400 EUR

How to buy a Moldovan vignette online

Buying a Moldova vignette online should take only a couple of minutes of your time. Make sure you have access to a working electronic device, a stable Internet connection, and a valid method of online payment. Next, you should follow the below intuitive instructions:

  1. Choose your vehicle category and indicate the vignette start date in the online calendar.
  2. Provide all essential details regarding your vehicle and double-check the provided information.
  3. Cover the processing fee (which depends on the selected vignette type).
  4. Check your email inbox and receive the confirmation of your purchased Moldova digital vignette. Download it and print it out.

Please note that it is not necessary to fix a Moldovan online vignette on your vehicle’s windscreen. Nevertheless, make sure to carry a printed copy of your active vignette and be ready to present it when asked during the control.

vignette Moldova

Why are vignettes mandatory in Moldova

Like in other European countries, vignettes in Moldova are the form of a toll road tax required of certain vehicle drivers using specific road sections in the country.

The toll collected thanks to the e-vignette system in Moldova is next used for the maintenance of the Moldovan road infrastructure as well as the control system of the vehicle traffic.

Those who disobey or try to skip the vignette requirement in Moldova should expect to receive a fine. Depending on how long you drive without a mandatory vignette, you may get a higher or lower financial penalty.

Exceptions to the mandatory vignette usage in Moldova

There is only one vehicle category that is exempt from the vignette requirement in Moldova, i.e., a motorcycle.

It is extremely hard to avoid the need to cover the toll in Moldova since all Moldovan roads require having a vignette. What is more, the Republic of Moldova is neither a member of the European Union nor a Schengen Area. Therefore, all international drivers should be prepared for the control when crossing the Moldovan border.

You should purchase a Moldovan vignette even before setting off for your trip to Moldova. Nevertheless, if you did not manage to do it before the trip, make sure that obtaining a vignette will be the first thing to do after entering Moldova. Choose the most convenient way to get a vignette by purchasing it online.

Moldova vignette online


A digital vignette system has been operating in Moldova since January 2017. The border police can now perform manual vignette controls and impose appropriate fines on those drivers who fail to present a receipt of an active vignette.

All drivers of the vehicles registered outside Moldova are subject to the vignette requirement. That is why if a driver is not able to show a vignette confirmation during the random control, they should expect the fines, which are as follows:

  • MDL 5,000 (€ 231): for driving in Moldova without a vignette for less than 7 days;
  • MDL 6,500 (€ 300): for driving in Moldova without a vignette for more than 7 days.

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