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Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

1. Enter your vehicle details

Provide necessary details, including license plate number and country of your vehicle’s registration.

2. Pay the service fee

Use one of the available methods of online payment and cover the fee.

3. Receive your e-vignette

Check your email inbox and receive your vignette confirmation. That’s it. You’re ready to drive!

Advantages of an electronic highway vignette

A fast and straightforward purchase and a fully digitalized process are just a few benefits that we can enjoy when buying a vignette online. This digital solution has many more advantages, including:

electronic vignette benefits

Buying a motorway vignette no longer means looking for a vignette sales point

Forget about slowing down and looking for the nearest petrol station or another vignette outlet with vignettes. Now, you can buy a vignette in the online store within minutes. Don’t waste your time and complete the online purchase of a vignette even before your journey starts.

No more sticking and scratching off physical toll stickers

A digital vignette system is able to automatically recognize drivers of the vehicles who have covered the toll and check for how long their vignettes remain valid. The impractical sticking of traditional vignettes, which used to leave glue residues on the windshield, is now a thing of the past. Just a few online clicks, and you are ready to drive. Without fixing any stickers to the windscreen and then scratching them off once expired.

You can manually choose the start date of your online vignette

All vignettes can have different types of validity periods. Typically, you can choose between a 7-day, 1-month, 3-month, or even 1-year vignette. As a buyer, you can select the vignette start date in the online calendar when making a vignette order. It means that you can even buy a vignette three months in advance and defer the beginning of the validity of the vignette so that it can cover the entire duration of your planned trip. Also, your vignette can be valid immediately after purchase as no cooling-off period applies.

A broken windshield no longer requires a vignette replacement

Accidents happen, and vehicles with smashed windshields are a daily occurrence. However, it no longer means the need to buy a new vignette and replace it. Unlike paper vignettes linked with particular vehicles, digital vignettes are automatically assigned to license plate numbers. It eliminates the need to replace a vignette in case of the windshield damage.

digital vignette benefits

Quick vignette control with camera system

Most of the countries introduced vignette control camera systems. The cameras are located across the toll roads and help the police patrols to verify the vehicles traveling on the road. The cameras scan the registration numbers, and police officers have a much easier task of finding drivers using the toll roads without an active vignette. Drivers who fail to possess a valid vignette should be aware of the fines that depend on the vignette country.

eco friendly processDigital eco-friendly process

secure processSecure & encrypted ordering process

payment methodsAll major payment methods accepted

express processingExpress processing in 1 min – 2 hours