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What is a digital vignette?

A digital vignette or e-vignette is an online alternative to a traditional sticker vignette. Contrary to a toll sticker, a digital vignette functions entirely online and requires no gluing and placing it on the windscreen of a particular vehicle.

Do I need to purchase a vignette?

You should check your route before hitting the road in a certain country. If you plan to use toll roads, you will need a vignette to travel without any issues. Check if the country where you plan a road trip introduced the vignette system.

How are digital vignettes controlled?

Most vignette countries have camera systems that verify whether a vehicle using toll roads has a valid vignette. Drivers who travel on roads subject to a toll should expect to receive a financial penalty. The fine differs from country to country.

What is a vignette road?

A vignette road is a motorway, expressway, or another road section requiring an active vignette. Driving on vignette roads without a valid vignette may result in imposing a fine.

What types of vignettes are available?

The available types of vignettes may differ depending on the country. However, typically, countries offer a vignette for seven or ten days, one month, or the whole year. There is one country, Switzerland, where there is only an annual vignette that must be obtained even for a short-term trip.

Where can I buy a vignette?

Vignettes are available at vignette sales points located near the country's borders, such as petrol stations, self-service kiosks, or online stores. The most convenient method is purchasing a vignette online.

What are the benefits of digital vignettes?

Purchasing a vignette online is a massive saving of time. You can complete the order process within a couple of minutes using your mobile phone, laptop, or any other electronic device with Internet access. Besides the easy purchasing process, digital vignettes involve no gluing and fixing to the vehicle's windscreen.

How does an e-vignette work?

An e-vignette is linked to the number plate, not to the particular vehicle, which means that, in most cases, one vignette is sufficient for all the vehicles with the same license plates. All vehicle details are stored in the online system, which is why vignette controllers can easily verify vehicles driving without a valid vignette.

How long do I need to wait before I can use my e-vignette?

Since there is no cooling-off period before an e-vignette becomes active, a driver can use it just after receiving the vignette confirmation via email or from the date selected in the online calendar while making a vignette order. The vignette confirmation should be emailed to the buyer within 20 minutes up to a few hours after completing the payment.

How can I pay for an e-vignette?

We accept all major methods of online payment. You can cover the vignette fee with a credit card, SOFORT, Klarna, GPay, etc.

Will I receive an invoice for my vignette?

Should you need an invoice for your purchased vignettes, don't hesitate to contact us at

Can I return the vignette I purchased online?

All customers are entitled to contract withdrawal within 14 days from the date it is concluded without providing any reason. Please note that products already activated or used are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Can I make some changes to my vignette order?

Changing your vignette order is possible as long as the start date of your vignette has not occurred yet. Please get in touch with our support team no later than 5 hours before your vignette becomes active.

Do I need to print my e-vignette confirmation?

Printing out your vignette confirmation is unnecessary since all your vehicle's details will be stored in the online system. However, you may save its digital copy on your mobile device.

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