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Bulgaria Vignette

Order a mandatory Bulgaria digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

About Bulgaria vignette online

The Bulgarian vignette is obligatory for all international visitors who would like to use the national roads of Bulgaria during their travel. The toll sticker serves as proof of covering the mandatory service fee for driving on Bulgarian motorways and expressways freely.

Since 2019, it has been possible to obtain the digital vignette for Bulgaria (BGTOLL) instead of an adhesive toll sticker. The electronic toll system allows you to complete the vignette purchase online prior to the planned journey. There is no need to print out the sticker afterward.

Remember about the vignette obligation while traveling to Bulgaria under threat of paying a pricey fine. While driving on the Bulgarian toll roads, you may be stopped for a routine control check by the police officers – they will check your documents and the validity period of your Bulgaria vignette.

Currently, there are four different types of Bulgarian digital vignette available online for foreign visitors. Depending on the time you plan on spending in Bulgaria, you should obtain a suitable vignette type – select a toll sticker effective for 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or an entire year.

The electronic vignette purchase is conducted online – complete the registration form with your vehicle details and cover the service fee. The entire procedure should not take more than 10 minutes. Once you have completed the process, a confirmation notice will be sent to your e-mail address.

Vignette Bulgaria

Bulgaria vignette types and fees

While driving on the national roads of Bulgaria in a vehicle with a maximum total weight of 3.5t, you are required to obtain a valid vignette. The Bulgarian electronic toll sticker may be issued for vehicles and trailers. Select a suitable vignette type during the purchase procedure.

Vehicles under 3.5t (passenger cars)

7-day vignette
7.00 EUR
30-day vignette
14.00 EUR
90-day vignette
24.50 EUR
1-year vignette
44.50 EUR

Vehicles under 3.5t (towing trailers)

7-day vignette
7.00 EUR
30-day vignette
14.00 EUR
90-day vignette
24.50 EUR
1-year vignette
44.50 EUR

Vehicles over 3.5t (trucks, buses)

Vehicles weighing more than 3.5t should use a distance-based toll system to drive on the Bulgarian toll roads problem-free. The driver is required to install a special on-board unit that will calculate the fee due based on the traveled distance (obtainable at toll kiosks, petrol stations, and border crossings). Cover the payment using a prepaid Route Pass card.

How to buy a Bulgarian vignette online

You can easily obtain the mandatory vignette for Bulgaria using our website. The online purchase procedure is intuitive, uncomplicated, and very convenient. To complete the registration form, you only need a few minutes of your free time and a device connected to the Internet.

The Bulgaria vignette purchase includes three steps:

  1. Select the vignette type most suitable for your vehicle category and trip duration
  2. Complete the form with your vehicle registration number and emission class
  3. Make the service fee payment using one of the many available methods

Once you have completed the registration procedure, a confirmation e-mail with payment details will be delivered to your inbox. It is not necessary to print out your electronic vignette, as information about your vehicle and its registration number will be stored in the Bulgarian online toll system.

Your vignette will become valid immediately unless you have selected a specific activation date.

Bulgaria Vignette

Why are vignettes mandatory in Bulgaria

The vignette obligation applies to all foreign travelers wishing to use Bulgarian motorways and expressways problem-free. It is essential that you have a valid vignette because it serves as proof of covering the obligatory toll roads tax. Funds collected from the vignette sales are used to pay for the maintenance works of the high-speed roads in Bulgaria.

Keep in mind that it is illegal to drive on Bulgarian toll roads without an official vignette. Therefore, it is crucial that you obtain a suitable adhesive toll sticker or an electronic vignette prior to the journey. If you are stopped for a control check by the police officers and fail to present a valid vignette for Bulgaria, you will be given a pricey fine of up to 3,000 BGN.

Exceptions to the mandatory vignette usage in Bulgaria

The only exemption to the vignette requirement on Bulgarian toll roads is guaranteed to single-track motor vehicles. While driving a motorcycle, you are not required to have a vignette for Bulgaria.

Special toll

You must obtain an additional vignette for Bulgaria if your planned travel route includes crossing the Danube River through the toll bridges (the natural border between Bulgaria and Romania). Naturally, you are still required to have a standard vignette for the national motorways and expressways.

  • Calafat-Vidin bridge crossing – 6 EUR
  • Giurgiu-Rousse bridge crossing – 3 EUR
Vignette to Bulgaria

Bulgaria toll roads


Driving on Bulgarian motorways and expressways, you may be stopped by the police officers to verify the validity period of your vignette. They may also conduct a routine control of your vehicle’s general condition. If you have purchased a digital vignette, they will search for your vehicle’s registration number in the online toll system. But if you have an adhesive toll sticker, it must be placed on your windshield (otherwise, it will be considered invalid).

What is more, the Bulgarian Government decided to place a number of cameras throughout the entire country that monitor the passing vehicles and scan their license plate numbers. If you fail to obtain a suitable vignette and you are detected by the camera, information about the offense and your photo taken by the camera will be stored in the Bulgarian online toll system.

Lack of a valid vignette will result in serious consequences – depending on your vehicle type, you will be required to pay a penalty of up to 3,000 BGN.

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