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Hungary vignette control

Order a mandatory Hungary digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Vignette inspection in Hungary

A Hungarian vignette is a required permit that must be obtained by those who want to use toll roads in Hungary. All the motorways with vignette obligations are monitored and checked by the National Toll Payment Services PLC. Those who drive without a valid vignette will be punished. A fine differs according to the vehicle category and increases if it is not paid within the deadline of 60 days.

It is easy to obtain an electronic vignette. Right now, there is no need to look for gas stations or put a physical sticker on the windscreen, as everything is done online. Just provide the information in the form, such as vignette validity, licence plate number, and vehicle category, cover the fee and wait for the confirmation. Vignettes have a validity period of one week, month, or year. Besides, a national or regional option is available in the case of the annual vignette.

Vehicles up to 3.5 tons from the below categories must have a valid vignette:

  • D1 motor vehicles (motorcycles, mopeds, scooters)
  • D1 category (passenger cars weighing less than 3.5 t for transport of no more than 7 people or motorcycles)
  • D2 category (campers and passenger vehicles with DMC)
  • B2 category (buses or vehicles that can transport 10 or more people)
  • U category (trailers towed by cars).

Drivers of vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight heavier than 3.5 tons need to purchase a special device with GPS that will measure their distance.

Hungary vignette control

Fines and penalties

The unauthorized use of toll roads in Hungary will result in a fine that depends on the vehicle type. Note that the fine increases after 60 days if the payment isn’t done on time. The deadline starts on the date when you received the fine letter.

Drivers of D1 and D2 vehicles without a vignette on the motorway in Hungary are expected to pay 16 220 Ft or 64 850 Ft after 60 days. Drivers of B2 vehicles must pay 72 950 Ft fee (or 291 770 Ft after the deadline).

Towing vehicles (D2/B2 categories) or a combination of vehicles with trailers (U category) are subject to a single fine. Also, if the towing vehicle has the vignette, but the trailer does not, the penalty must be paid as well.

What is more, National Toll Payment Services PLC is responsible for fine collection on the Hungarian motorways. They can easily identify your car and directly or indirectly give you a ticket. The newest technologies (such as camera systems or drones) enable the detection of all the vehicles within a vignette.

Vignette exemption

In some parts of Hungarian toll roads, a valid vignette is not necessary:

  • M31
  • M8
  • Pécs Southwest Bypass from M60 highway between routes 58 and 5826
  • M9 between main road 51 and 6
  • M4 between Vecsés and the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport road
  • Sections of the M0 (between main road 1 and motorway M5, motorway M4 and motorway M3, and Megyeri Bridge).

A vignette is not required in the sections indicated above. However, other parts of Hungary’s motorways demand a vignette. Check everything in advance and plan your journey accordingly.

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