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Moldova vignette control

Order a mandatory Moldova digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Vignette inspection in Moldova

Moldova vignette control is carried out by the Moldovan police, which is entitled to manually verify international drivers using the toll roads in Moldova. If a driver cannot present a receipt of the valid vignette, a police officer can impose a fine.

Vehicles that are covered by Moldova vignette requirements include buses, passenger cars, trailers, and trucks. The requirement applies to vehicles registered outside Moldova.

Since introducing the e-vignette system in Moldova in 2017, drivers can quickly obtain a Moldovan vignette without leaving their homes. The process is very intuitive and involves providing essential vehicle details as well as information about a driver and the planned trip. It is also necessary to cover the service fee, which differs depending on the selected vignette type.


You can be fined between MDL 5,000 and MDL 6,500 for driving without a valid vignette in Moldova. Be prepared for the vignette inspections in Moldova that can be performed both at the border crossing points and inland.

Obtaining a Moldova vignette online will help you save time and money. Do not risk receiving a fine during the border control and get a digital vignette at our online store.

Moldova vignette control

Fines and penalties

Introducing a digital vignette system in Moldova has caused Moldovan border police to perform manual vignette control. Drivers who fail to provide a receipt of the purchased Moldovan vignette should expect to receive a fine.

The fine is determined by the number of days a driver is traveling without an active vignette. The longer the period, the higher the fine. For driving without an active vignette for less than 7 days in Moldova, one should expect a fine of MDL 5,000. If the period exceeds 7 days, the fine will be MDL 6,500.


Do remember to obtain a Moldova vignette to avoid unnecessary stress and financial penalties for using the toll roads without a valid vignette.

Vignette exemption

Moldova requires nearly all foreign motor vehicles to obtain a vignette to use all roads in Moldova. Only motorcycles are exempt from the vignette obligation. As all Moldovan roads require obtaining a vignette either online or at one of the border crossing points, avoiding the vignette requirement is practically impossible.

Moreover, border controls are inevitable due to the fact that Moldova is neither a member of the EU nor a Schengen Area. If you did not obtain a vignette before your journey, you should do it immediately after crossing the Moldovan border.


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