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Romania vignette control

Order a mandatory Romania digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Vignette inspection in Romania

A Romanian vignette inspection can be done on the toll roads by the proper authorities, as a valid vignette is a must-have on the motorways and some state roads in Romania. Don’t forget to check if you need a vignette before your trip. The online system was implemented in 2010 by the government, and thanks to it, you don’t need to put a physical sticker on the windscreen and visit gas stations. Currently, your vehicle can be checked electronically.

An electronic vignette Romania must be obtained by the drivers (only motorcycles are exempt from this rule). If you don’t have a digital vignette, you will be punished by a financial fine. You may be forced to pay a €100 fine or more, depending on the case, so keep that in mind.

In order to obtain a vignette Romania, you must take part in the simple process. Enter the necessary information in the form, such as the license plate number, vehicle category, and validity period of a vignette online. Then, pay the service fee and wait for the confirmation that will be sent to your email.

There are several types of a Romanian vignette, depending on the validity period and vehicle category. You can apply for a vignette valid for 1 day*, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or 12 months. It is good to know that it is possible to transfer a Romanian vignette in case of a change of registration number.

*A 1-day vignette is available for the specific vehicle categories (C, D, E, F, G, and H).

Romania vignette control

Fines and penalties

Road users who plan to drive through Romanian tollways must first obtain a vignette. Toll charges are common in Europe, and the vignette requirement exists in many countries, such as Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Moldova. In Romania, motorcycles and temporarily registered cars with red numbers are the only exceptions when it comes to the purchase of a vignette on paid roads.

All drivers who haven’t bought a vignette earlier will be punished by a fine that can cost €100 or more. The camera systems and drones can detect your license plate and check if you have bought a vignette online. Check all the information before and prepare all the needed documents to avoid problems, such as delays and financial penalties.

Vignette exemption

Motorcycles and vehicles that are temporarily registered with red numbers don’t need to have a vignette Romania on the tollways. Different vehicles must be registered in the system. In case they are not, drivers will be obliged to pay a fine of €100 or more (depending on the circumstances).

You can check the validity of the vignette on the website of the National Company for Road Infrastructure Management or other websites. It is a very convenient option, as you are able to know for sure if you have a vignette in case you have forgotten the dates.

If your vehicle is not a motorcycle or is not temporarily registered with red numbers, you need to obtain a vignette in order to use toll roads in Romania, so keep that in mind.

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