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Bulgaria vignette control

Order a mandatory Bulgaria digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Vignette inspection in Bulgaria

The Bulgaria vignette control is usually conducted by police officers to ensure all drivers are using the Bulgarian motorways and expressways legally. The vignette obligation applies to all foreign travelers who would like to use the national toll roads, driving vehicles under 3.5t. The money collected from the vignette sales funds maintenance works of toll routes managed by the Road Infrastructure Agency.

During the routine control check, you may also be asked to present some supporting documents apart from a valid vignette. The officers have the right to request an ID card and registration certificate.

Additionally, the validity period of your vignette may also be checked by the camera toll system. The cameras are located on Bulgarian high-speed roads throughout the entire country and scan the passing vehicles checking each one of them for a valid Bulgarian vignette (electronic vignette is stored online).

NOTE: International travelers driving vehicles of a total weight exceeding 3.5t (trucks, buses, coaches) do not need a vignette for Bulgaria. Instead, they should use the distance-based Route Pass toll – it requires them to install a special on-board unit that measures the traveled distance.

Bulgaria vignette control

Fines and penalties

It is mandatory to obtain a suitable vignette for Bulgaria before using the national roads. Driving on Bulgarian highways without a suitable vignette is against the law and may result in an expensive fine.

You can obtain one of the two available vignette Bulgaria types. The adhesive toll sticker is easily obtainable on the road, for example, at petrol stations and toll kiosks. But in order to be valid, it must be correctly placed on your vehicle windshield. If you purchase the digital vignette online, information about your vehicle (license plate number, vehicle category) will be stored in the electronic toll system.

If you fail to obtain a suitable vignette Bulgaria, you will be given a penalty. The minimal amount of the fine is 300 BGN. However, the penalty may be heavier depending on your behavior toward the officers and timely payment of the received penalty. If you delay the payment, it may increase up to 3,000 BGN.

Vehicles under 3.5t (passenger cars)

  • Lack of vignette or expired vignette – 300 BGN (or more)

Vehicles under 3.5t (towing trailers)

  • Lack of vignette or expired vignette – 300 BGN (or more)

Vehicles over 3.5t

  • Lack of Route Pass – 300 BGN (or more)

Vignette exemption

Currently, you can only enjoy a vignette exemption while traveling to Bulgaria on a motorcycle. Foreign visitors are not required to have a valid vignette Bulgaria if they are driving on national motorways and expressways on a single-track motor vehicle.


NOTE: Remember that it is essential to have an additional vignette if you plan on crossing the Danube River (the natural border between Bulgaria and Romania). Apart from a standard vignette (toll sticker or electronic vignette), you must pay an extra toll for this particular stretch.

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