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Bulgaria vignette roads

Order a mandatory Bulgaria digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

About Vignette Roads in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian vignette roads are the national motorways and expressways that require the traveler to cover a special toll road tax to use them freely. Depending on the vehicle category, you should either purchase a vignette (electronic vignette or toll sticker) or use the on-board unit measuring the traveled distance. There are seven toll roads and two toll bridges, but other stretches may be added to the toll system in the future.

Bulgaria vignette roads

Bulgarian roads with mandatory usage of a valid vignette

While leaving for Bulgaria, you should check the planned travel route – if you are going to drive on the paid motorways and expressways, you should obey the vignette obligation. This rule applies to drivers of vehicles of a maximum total weight under 3.5t and vehicles towing trailers. Vehicles that exceed 3.5t, such as trucks and buses, should use the Route Pass.

If you fail to obtain a suitable vignette for Bulgaria, regardless of the toll sticker form, you will be using the Bulgarian highways illegally. Remember that during your journey, you may be stopped for a control check by the police officers who will verify the validity period of your vignette Bulgaria. What is more, you can also be tracked by the extensive camera system.

Bulgarian motorways

  • A1 – Trakia motorway
  • A2 – Hemus motorway
  • A3 – Struma motorway
  • A4 – Martisa motorway
  • A5 – Cherno More motorway
  • A6 – Europe motorway
  • A7 – Veliko Tarnovo Ruse motorway

IMPORTANT! Currently, the Mezdra Botevgrad expressway remains under construction, but it is going to be fully available for travelers in 2026. According to the Road Infrastructure Agency, this road will be subject to the vignette obligation (you will not be able to use it without a valid vignette).

Bulgaria vignette online

When to buy a vignette before entering Bulgarian toll roads

Although the adhesive toll stickers are available at border crossings, petrol stations on the road, and special toll kiosks, it is recommended to obtain the mandatory vignette for Bulgaria prior to the journey.

The online purchase of a digital vignette for Bulgaria is effortless and uncomplicated. All you need to do is complete the registration form with your vehicle details (license plate numbers, emission class) and cover the obligatory processing fee. Once you have completed the procedure, the electronic vignette will be delivered directly to your e-mail address. There is no need to print it out.

Remember that it is essential to obtain an additional vignette if you plan on using one of the bridges between Bulgaria and Romania. To cross the Danube River, you must cover an extra toll tax payment.

IMPORTANT! According to the Bulgarian Government, traditional toll stickers may not be available in the future. Since the online toll system proved to be a success, the authorities consider discontinuing sticker vignette production. For further updates, check the official website of the Bulgarian Government.

Speed limits in Bulgaria

It is highly recommended to check the current speed regulations on Bulgarian roads before leaving for the trip. This way, you can ensure that you meet all the regulations during your travel and use the national routes of Bulgaria legally. As for now, the speed limits for Bulgaria are as follows:


  • inside village: 60km/h
  • outside village: 100km/h
  • on motorways: 140km/h

Motorcycles, buses, trucks without trailers

  • inside village: 60km/h
  • outside village: 90km/h
  • on motorways: 120km/h

Cars, buses, trucks with trailers

  • inside village: 50km/h
  • outside village: 80km/h
  • on motorways: 100km/h

Tractors and trams

  • regardless of the road class: 60km/h

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