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How to buy an Austrian vignette

Order a mandatory Austria digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Purchasing process for an Austrian digital vignette

You can obtain the essential vignette for Austria in two different ways. It is possible to buy the digital vignette online – the electronic procedure should only take around 15 minutes of your free time. You may also purchase the adhesive toll sticker at ASFINAG toll shops and petrol stations in Austria.

How to buy the Austria vignette online?

The Austrian electronic vignette may be purchased online in no time. The digital toll registration is uncomplicated and convenient, allowing you to obtain the essential vignette for Austria without the need to leave your home. Before proceeding with the purchase, ensure a stable Internet connection. This way, you will avoid any technical difficulties with submitting the electronic form.

In order to buy the Austria e-vignette online, complete these three steps:

  1. Choose the Austria vignette type that will best suit your traveling needs.
  2. Complete the registration form with relevant details about your vehicle.
  3. Cover the toll road fee using one of the available online payment methods.

As soon as you have paid the processing fee, a payment confirmation will be delivered to your e-mail inbox. You will also receive the approved Austrian digital vignette. There is no need to print out the notice, as your vignette information will be stored in the online toll system.

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing the Austrian vignette through our website is the lack of the standard 18-day cooling-off period. Your digital vignette for Austria will become valid immediately after completing the fee payment (unless another activation date is selected).

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How does the digital vignette for Austria work?

The Austria vignette is essential if you plan on using the national toll routes during your journey. The valid toll sticker serves as proof of covering the mandatory road tax payment. What is more, funds collected from the vignette sales are used to maintain the safety of the Austrian highways.

In case you fail to obtain a suitable vignette for Austria, you are at risk of getting a fine. According to Austrian law, it is illegal to drive on national motorways and expressways without a valid toll sticker. The control is conducted with the assistance of the SKD officers and an extensive camera system.

What to prepare for the Austria vignette online purchase?

While filling in the Austria vignette registration form, you will be required to provide some crucial information. Remember to answer all questions truthfully.

  • Personal data (name, surname, date of birth, nationality)
  • Vehicle data (license plate number, vehicle class)
  • Vignette duration (date of issue)

Before you submit the electronic vignette form for processing, you should double-check all your answers from the application. If it happens that the provided information is incorrect (for example, you made a mistake in the vehicle registration number), you will be required to complete the purchase again. In this situation, it is not possible to request a refund.

Can I still purchase a standard toll sticker for Austria?

The vignette for Austria is available in two different types – digital vignette and adhesive sticker. Although customers claim the purchase online has multiple advantages, with the procedure being convenient and intuitive, you can also obtain the essential vignette on your way. The toll stickers for Austria are available at petrol stations, ASFINAG kiosks, and border crossings.

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