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Austria vignette control

Order a mandatory Austria digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Vignette inspection in Austria

It is obligatory to have a valid Austrian vignette if you plan on using the toll roads in Austria. Funds collected from the vignette sales are used to cover the maintenance works of the high-speed routes. Vehicles weighing over 3.5t should use the GoBox system. Remember, driving on the national motorways and expressways of Austria without a suitable toll sticker is subject to a penalty of a fine.

While driving on the Austrian motorways and expressways, you may be stopped by the Service and Control officers (also known as SKD officers). They will conduct a routine control, verifying your identity and checking the validity period of your toll sticker or digital vignette. You may also be asked to provide them with some additional documentation, such as your national ID card or vehicle registration proof.

What is more, your vignette in Austria will be verified with the assistance of the AVK camera systems. If you decide to purchase a digital vignette, the toll will be linked electronically to the licence plate number of your vehicle and saved in the online toll system. To ensure equal treatment of all the drivers regardless of the selected route, the AVK camera placement is changed periodically.

Austria Vignette Control

Fines and penalties

Remember, if you are caught by the officers using Austrian highways without a suitable vignette, you risk getting a heavy fine. The total amount of the penalty may vary depending on the severity of the offense and the category of the driven vehicle. In some cases, the fine may be up to 3,000 EUR. Unless you cover the payment on time, a criminal proceeding will be initiated against you.

What is more, the officers of the Service and Control will take the necessary steps if necessary to prevent you from driving on paid motorways and expressways in Austria. They may apply wheel clamps to your vehicle or confiscate your documents, making it impossible to continue the journey.

Below, you can find more information about current penalties regarding driving on the Austrian toll roads without a valid vignette. Additional charges may be imposed if you strongly resist the officers or happen to be late in paying the fine.

Vehicles under 3.5t – motorbikes

  • Lack of vignette or expired vignette – 65 EUR
  • Tampering with the toll sticker – 130 EUR

Vehicles under 3.5t – cars

  • Lack of vignette or expired vignette – 120 EUR
  • Tampering with the toll sticker – 240 EUR

Vehicles over 3.5t

  • Lack of Go Box or insufficient credit – 240 EUR

IMPORTANT! Once you have been given the fine, cover the fee for the toll roads within 5 hours or 100 kilometers of your travel. If it remains unpaid, you will receive an administrative fine of up to 3,000 EUR. Therefore, it is recommended to make the payment as soon as possible.

Vignette exemption

According to the Federal Roads Toll Act from 2002, some stretches of the Austrian high-speed roads are exempt from the vignette requirement. It means that it is not obligatory to pay the toll (in any form, including an adhesive sticker and a digital vignette) to use them. These routes include:

  • A9 Pyhrn motorway
  • A10 Tauern motorway
  • A11 Karawanken motorway
  • A13 Brenner motorway
  • S16 Arlberg expressway

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