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Austria vignette roads

Order a mandatory Austria digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Austrian roads with mandatory usage of a valid vignette

You must obtain a suitable vignette for Austria before using the toll motorways and expressways. As of now, there are two methods of obtaining the mandatory vignette Austria – you can complete the digital vignette online purchase or buy the adhesive toll sticker at petrol stations along the way.

Vehicles with a total permissible gross weight over 3.5t should use the GoBox toll system. It requires the driver to install a special measuring unit in the vehicle that will calculate the distance traveled on the toll road and estimate the amount due. Therefore, they do not need a separate vignette.

Austrian motorways (Autobahn)

  • A1 – West Autobahn
  • A2 – Süd Autobahn
  • A3 – Südost Autobahn
  • A4 – Ost Autobahn
  • A5 – Nord Autobahn
  • A6 – Nordost Autobahn
  • A7 – Mühlkreis Autobahn
  • A8 – Innkreis Autobahn
  • A9 – Pyhrn Autobahn
  • A10 – Tauern Autobahn
  • A11 – Karawanken Autobahn
  • A12 – Inn Valley Autobahn
  • A13 – Brenner Autobahn
  • A14 – Rheintal/Walgau Autobahn
  • A21 – Wiener Außenring Autobahn
  • A22 – Donauufer Autobahn
  • A23 – Südosttangente Wien
  • A25 – Welser Autobahn
  • A26 – Linzer Autobahn

Austrian expressways (S-Roads)

  • S1 – Wiener Außenring Schnellstraße
  • S2 – Wiener Nordrand Schnellstraße
  • S3 – Weinviertler Schnellstraße
  • S4 – Mattersburger Schnellstraße
  • S5 – Stockerauer Schnellstraße
  • S6 – Semmering Schnellstraße
  • S7 – Fürstenfelder Schnellstraße
  • S8 – Marchfeld Schnellstraße
  • S10 – Mühlviertler Schnellstraße
  • S16 – Arlberg Schnellstraße
  • S18 – Bodensee Schnellstraße
  • S31 – Burgenland Schnellstraße
  • S33 – Kremser Schnellstraße
  • S34 – Traisental Schnellstraße
  • S35 – Brucker Schnellstraße
  • S36 – Murtal Schnellstraße
  • S37 – Klagenfurter Schnellstraße
Austria Vignette Roads

When to buy a vignette before entering the Austria toll roads

If you plan on using the Austrian high-speed roads during your travel, it may be essential to purchase a suitable vignette for Austria. There are a few types of toll stickers available for foreign visitors depending on the driven vehicle category and the planned journey duration. You may obtain the vignette prior to the journey or on your way through the Austrian roads.

The traditional way of obtaining the vignette for Austria is to visit the ASFINAG toll shop or stop at a petrol station while driving through the Austrian territory. These places offer foreign travelers a chance to purchase the adhesive toll sticker. Remember to place it correctly on your windshield, otherwise, the vignette will not be considered valid.

Another way to cover the road tax payment is to buy the digital vignette online. The remote procedure is effortless, allowing you to complete the purchase in less than 15 minutes. When you make the fee payment, the Austrian vignette will be delivered to your e-mail address. What is more, payment information will be connected to your vehicle registration number and stored in the toll system.Austria toll roads

Speed limits in Austria

Before leaving for the trip to Austria, make sure to check the current speed limits on Austrian roads. It is highly recommended to stay educated on the possible fines and penalties for driving without a valid vignette and to ensure you obey the national driving rules. Standard speed limits are as follows:

Vehicles under 3.5t (cars, vans, motorcycles)

  • inside village: 50km/h
  • outside village: 100km/h
  • on expressways: 100km/h
  • on motorways: 130km/h

Cars and vans with trailers (under 750 kg)

  • inside village: 50km/h
  • outside village: 100km/h
  • on expressways: 100km/h
  • on motorways: 100km/h

Cars and vans with trailers (over 750 kg)

  • inside village: 50km/h
  • outside village: 80km/h
  • on expressways: 80km/h
  • on motorways: 80km/h

Vehicles over 3.5t (trucks, coaches)

  • inside village: 50km/h
  • outside village: 70km/h
  • on expressways: 80km/h
  • on motorways: 80km/h

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