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Czech Republic Vignette Control

Order a mandatory Czech Republic digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Vignette inspection in the Czech Republic

The Czech vignette control is carried out by the Czech Republic Police and Customs Administration. The vignette control’s aim is to check whether a certain vehicle possesses a valid vignette for the Czech Republic or is entitled to the vignette exemption.

Special patrol vehicles equipped with camera systems perform the vignette control along the road, in parking lots, and at rest stops. The camera system is digitally linked with control checkpoints, and police officials can remotely check the vehicle without needing to halt a driver.

Drivers who fail to possess an active highway vignette in the Czech Republic should expect to receive a fine. Driving without a valid vignette in the Czech Republic is subject to fines which range from CZK 5,000 up to CZK 20,000.

If you plan to travel to the Czech Republic by car, make sure to obtain a vignette. The most convenient way will be to purchase a Czech vignette online. This solution will allow you to avoid unnecessary stress and save your time when already in Czechia.

A Czech digital vignette is mandatory for all at least four-wheel vehicles whose maximum permissible gross weight doesn’t exceed 3.5t. Trailers and motorcycles are exempt from the vignette obligation in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic Vignette Control

Fines and penalties

The fine that you may receive for using the Czech toll roads without an active vignette or for abusing the vignette exemption differs and can be as follows:

  • Driving without a valid Czech vignette: Drivers who use the network of Czech toll highways without obtaining a vignette (unless they are vignette-exempt) may receive a fine of up to CZK 20,000.
  • Abusing the vignette exemption: If a driver submits a notice of being toll exempt without being entitled to exemption, they may be fined even up to CZK 100,000. Moreover, using toll roads without a vignette, if being exempted but failing to submit a notice, is subject to a fine of up to CZK 5,000. The same fine (CZK 5,000) is imposed on those who fail to notify the proper institution about the cessation of their toll exemption (within 10 days after the fact).

Vignette exemption

The following categories of vehicles are entitled to use the Czech motorway network without an e-vignette:

  • electric vehicles*
  • hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles*
  • vehicles transporting certain individuals (e.g., vehicles operated by homes for handicapped persons)
  • historic vehicles holding a special or historic vehicle license plate

Note: To be vignette-exempt, vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen, or a hybrid fuel system cannot have a higher CO2 emission than 50g/km.

Electronic toll for vehicles over 3.5t

For vehicles whose GVW exceeds 3.5t, the Czech Republic implemented a separate toll system called MYTO CZ. The toll is applicable on motorways and first-class roads and is estimated based on the vehicle category and the distance traveled in the Czech Republic.

Owners of the vehicles must install a GPS device measuring the mileage. There are also some reduced toll rates for buses.

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