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How to buy a Slovenian vignette

Order a mandatory Slovenia digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Purchasing process for a Slovenian digital vignette

One can buy a vignette Slovenia online or at physical sale points like petrol stations and authorized vendors. Electronic purchase is simple and takes little time and effort. A driver should complete several straightforward steps that do not even require leaving the house, as the entire purchase is carried out online, and any place with internet access will suit.

How to buy the Slovenian vignette online?

You can order a digital vignette for Slovenia within minutes. All types of Slovenian e-vignette can be purchased with a delayed validity start date. It is possible to select the first day of the validity period up to 30 days from the date of ordering an e-vignette.

Make sure there are no issues with your device and internet connection, and start the purchase on our website by following these steps:

  1. Fill out a registration form providing your contact details and the requested information concerning your vehicle (e.g., its toll class, registration country, and plate number) and choose the preferred vignette type.
  2. Cover the service fees using any non-cash payment method available on the website.
  3. Check your inbox since a Slovenia vignette confirmation will be delivered to the email (it is essential to enter a correct and relevant email address).

The electronic vignette is digitally linked to the registration plate number of the vehicle, so a paper copy of the vignette confirmation is not required.

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How does the digital vignette for Slovenia work?

A digital vignette is a mandatory toll payment for using Slovenian motorways and expressways. It serves as a direct source of finances for maintaining toll roads in Slovenia, making driving more secure both for foreign and local travelers.

The registration plates of all vehicles up to 3.5 t are monitored by cameras at control points, on the motorway network, and in toll supervision vehicles. If the system does not find a valid vignette matching the vehicle’s registration number, the driver of that vehicle will be penalized.

What to prepare for the Slovenian vignette online purchase?

Before initiating the procedure of the Slovenia vignette purchase, you need to have in order the following:

  • information on your vehicle (vehicle registration plate number, vehicle’s registration country, toll class, etc.)
  • your contact details
  • the vignette type (select the validity period that suits your travel plans best)
  • an electronic device with a stable internet connection
  • means of online payment
  • a valid email address

When entering the data, make sure it is completely correct, accurate, and relevant: you won’t be able to change it later. If the registration number of your vehicle does not match any vignette registered in the system or the vehicle category is selected incorrectly, you will be fined. Therefore, thoroughly check your details before proceeding with payment.

Can I still purchase a standard toll sticker for Slovenia?

An electronic vignette fully replaced a classic vignette sticker in Slovenia. Drivers no longer have to stick an adhesive vignette on their vehicle’s windscreen and then remove it at the end of the validity period, causing damage to the windscreen.

Slovenian digital vignette also has other advantages compared to the standard one: the purchase process is more convenient and less time-consuming, offers numerous cashless payment methods, and eventually, is better for the environment.

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