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Slovenia vignette control

Order a mandatory Slovenia digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Vignette inspection in Slovenia

Slovenia e-vignette is obligatory for all vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 t using the Slovenian toll system. An electronic vignette substituted a classic vignette in the form of a sticker and now is just digitally linked to the vehicle’s registration plate number.

The e-vignette control in Slovenia is undertaken by the Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia (DARS), the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and the Police. Monitoring is carried out using cameras at control points, on the motorway network, and by toll control vehicles.

The Slovenian e-vignette system checks the registration plate number of the vehicle to find out if it has a valid vignette connected. A driver who enters the motorway or expressway without an e-vignette for Slovenia or provides the wrong vehicle class or registration number will be penalized with a fine.

The Slovenia e-vignette can be bought at physical sales points or online via several steps on our website. A driver has to complete the form providing certain details like the vehicle’s toll class, plate number, and registration country, then make the payment, and receive the confirmation via email. It is customer’s responsibility to enter the data correctly.

Vignette Slovenia Online

Fines and penalties

Without a valid Slovenian vignette, driving motorways and expressways is against the law and subject to a 300 EUR punishment. A fine of up to 500 EUR will be issued if the driver improperly moves the vehicle registration number plate linked to the electronic vignette to another vehicle or to a vehicle that isn’t in the same toll class.

A driver using the toll road without a valid digital vignette for Slovenia will be issued an electronic vignette with a validity period start date that begins on the day of the offense. Such a vignette becomes valid after the driver pays the fine.

Vignette exemption

Some vehicles do not require a digital vignette but must be registered in the e-vignette system before entering toll roads. Any changes to an individual’s toll payment exemption should be reported to the toll road manager by the driver of the vehicle.

Vehicles to which the Slovenia e-vignette exemption applies include:

  • military vehicles of the Slovenian Armed Forces;
  • foreign military vehicles used on a national defense mission, in moving international peacekeeping forces, and in the execution of other security and defense-related tasks, if so required by international treaties;
  • priority motor vehicles and escort vehicles;
  • transport for humanitarian activities for persons impacted by natural disasters and other emergencies or armed conflicts, whether in times of peace or war;
  • transport using the toll road operator’s vehicles to carry out toll activities and toll road maintenance.

Moreover, there is another exemption in the Slovenia e-vignette system: the Karavanke tunnel (between Austria and Slovenia) does not require a vignette. Instead, drivers must pay a special toll of 7.80 EUR at the Hrušica toll station.

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