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How to buy a Swiss vignette

Order a mandatory Switzerland digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Purchasing process for a Switzerland digital vignette

A Switzerland vignette is available either as a digital vignette or a traditional toll sticker. Drivers can buy a vignette for Switzerland either at one of the vignette outlets like a gas station or rest stop or at an online store (e-vignettes).

A digital Swiss vignette was introduced in August 2023. The introduction of the e-vignette system in Switzerland has not eliminated the physical vignettes. They are still available for purchase. The country plans to phase out the traditional vignettes if 90% of the vignette users prefer the online alternative.

The purchasing process of a Swiss vignette is way more convenient as drivers do not need to affix the sticker to the vehicle’s windscreen. It also helps to save plenty of time and eliminates the need to scratch off the vignette once it has expired.

How to buy the Swiss vignette online?

The online purchase of the Swiss motorway vignette should take only a couple of minutes. In practice, you can buy a vignette for Switzerland from whatever place you are at a given moment. Just grab any electronic device connected to the Internet and follow these steps:

  1. Choose the category of your vehicle and enter all the required details, including such information as its license plate number, country of registration, etc.
  2. After double-checking all the provided details, use one of the available methods of online payment and cover the processing fee of 58 Euro.
  3. Go to your email inbox and receive the vignette confirmation that should be delivered once the vignette order is successful.
  4. Use your e-vignette and drive in Switzerland without any hassle!

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How does the digital vignette for Switzerland work?

A digital vignette system in Switzerland was introduced in August 2023. As the system is relatively new in the country, its authorities have not yet implemented any traffic camera system that would perform control of the vehicles using the Swiss toll roads. Nevertheless, the manual vignette controls in Switzerland are performed by cantonal police inside the country, while the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security controls the vehicles at the Swiss border.

After buying a Swiss vignette online, its confirmation is sent to the buyer via email. There is no need to print it out. Nevertheless, saving its copy on a mobile phone is recommended.

Drivers who fail to present a receipt of the purchased Swiss motorway vignette may receive a fine of CHF 200. They will also need to cover the cost of the missing vignette.

What to prepare for the Swiss vignette online purchase?

For a successful Swiss e-vignette purchasing process, you should ensure access to:

  • all essential details of your vehicle
  • active and frequently used email address
  • valid means of online payment
  • laptop/smartphone/PC/tablet with a stable Internet access

Can I still purchase a standard toll sticker for Switzerland?

Yes. The e-vignette system has been introduced relatively recently, and the traditional vignette in the form of an adhesive sticker is still available.

Standard toll stickers can be purchased at the following vignette outlets in Switzerland:

  • post offices
  • country’s borders
  • petrol stations and garages
  • TCS outlets
  • driver and vehicle licensing offices

Still, the most convenient way to obtain a Switzerland vignette is to use the Swiss e-vignette system. Complete your vignette order within minutes and receive your active Switzerland vignette delivered to your email address just after completing the order process.

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