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Switzerland vignette roads

Order a mandatory Switzerland digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

About Vignette Roads in Switzerland

The Switzerland vignette roads are where drivers of vehicles of certain categories must pay the toll tax in order to use them legally. Before entering roads in Switzerland, you should get familiar with the Swiss toll system and check the roads where holding a Swiss motorway vignette is obligatory.

Obtain a Swiss vignette online and enjoy an issues-free drive in Switzerland.

Vignette Switzerland Roads

Switzerland roads with obligatory vignette usage

All motor vehicles and trailers whose GVW does not exceed 3.5t must hold an active digital vignette (or a sticker vignette) to drive in Switzerland. All toll highways and expressways are marked with white-green signs. If you own a vehicle with a weight exceeding 3.5, you must cover the heavy vehicle toll, measured according to the distance traveled in Switzerland.

Below, you can find a map and a list comprising all Swiss motorways and other roads subject to tolls in Switzerland:

  • A1 – From St. Margrethen (near the Austrian border) to Geneva, passing through Zurich, Bern, and Lausanne
  • A2 – From Basel to Chiasso, passing through Lucerne, Bellinzona, and Lugano
  • A3 – From Basel to Zurich
  • A4 – From Schaffhausen to Zurich
  • A5 – From Yverdon-les-Bains to Neuchâtel
  • A6 – From Bern to Biel/Bienne
  • A7 – From Winterthur to Kreuzlingen
  • A8 – From Lausanne to Geneva
  • A9 – From Lausanne to the Italian border
  • A12 – From Bern to Vevey
  • A13 – From Sargans to Bellinzona
  • A14 – From Zofingen to Olten

Switzerland toll roads

Additional toll in Switzerland

The Switzerland vignette covers most Swiss roads and tunnels. However, there are two tunnels in Switzerland where drivers need to cover the additional toll, including:

  • the San Bernardino tunnel
  • the Munt la Schera tunnel (at Livigno)

Moreover, drivers should be prepared to cover extra fees to use:

  • some ferries
  • the Oberaar panorama road (the Grimsel pass)
  • car trains

Switzerland Vignette Online

When to buy a vignette before entering Swiss toll roads

As a rule, drivers need to obtain a vignette before they enter the Switzerland toll roads. Thanks to the introduction of the e-vignette system, a digital vignette is available from anywhere you can access an electronic device, Internet connection, and valid means of online payment.

If you fail to obtain a Swiss vignette before entering the country, you can still purchase it either at one of the vignette outlets located near the Swiss borders (e.g., gas stations) or at the online store.

Make sure to obtain a Switzerland vignette before you start using toll roads. Otherwise, you should expect a fine of CHF 200. You will need to cover the fee for the missing vignette as well.

Please note that Switzerland has a few exceptions where you can drive vignette-free. This vignette exemption applies if a driver leaves the motorway at the first exit at the following customs offices:

  • Basel/St Louis motorway
  • Kreuzlingen motorway
  • Rheinfelden motorway

Speed limits in Switzerland

Switzerland is known as one of these countries that have introduced the most stringent ticketing system in Europe or even across the world. Speeding in Switzerland can be a very costly experience.

General speed limits that you should bear in mind when driving in Switzerland include:

  • outside the village: 80 km/h
  • on the road for vehicles: 100 km/h
  • on the highway: 120 km/h

Drivers who disobey speed limits in Switzerland should expect hefty fines and even prison sentences (from 1 to 4 years). Driving with excessive speeding can also lead to the driver’s license revocation for up to 2 years and having to pass a traffic psychology test in order to get the license back.

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