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Switzerland vignette control

Order a mandatory Switzerland digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t and receive an active vignette via email.

Vignette inspection in Switzerland

The vignette inspection in Switzerland is performed manually by the country’s special patrols. At the national border, it is the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (BAZG). In turn, the random vignette control inland is carried out by the cantonal police. Currently, Switzerland does not have an automated vignette control system that would remotely verify whether a certain driver has purchased a vignette or not.

Travelers planning to drive in Switzerland can still obtain traditional self-adhesive stickers, which are sold along with their digital alternatives (e-vignettes). Contrary to a traditional motorway vignette, its digital counterpart entirely eliminates the need to fix a physical toll sticker on the windscreen of the vehicle. The digital vignette purchasing process is very fast and intuitive and is followed by receiving the vignette confirmation via email.

The Swiss motorway vignette must be purchased by owners of all motor vehicles whose maximum GVW does not exceed 3.5t. The vignette requirement covers cars, trailers, motorcycles, campervans, motorhomes, and caravans.

Vehicles with a GVW over 3.5t, including motorhomes, lorries, and buses, are subject to a heavy vehicle toll. It is estimated based on the distance driven in Switzerland.

Do not forget to obtain a Swiss motorway vignette (e-vignette or a traditional Swiss vignette) and avoid price fines that can be imposed for driving without a valid vignette in Switzerland!

Switzerland Vignette Control

Fines and penalties

Driving on the Swiss motorways without having an active vignette, whether an e-vignette or a sticker vignette, is subject to a fine of CHF 200 plus the costs of the vignette itself (around CHF 40).

What is essential is that a financial penalty can be imposed not only for driving without a vignette but also if someone is misusing it. For example, they affix it inappropriately, or they drive with a damaged vignette (sticker vignettes).

Sticker vignettes cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another as they are assigned directly to one vehicle. If you buy a Swiss digital vignette, it will be linked to the registration number, not to the particular vehicle.

Do not risk forging a Swiss motorway vignette – besides the financial penalty, you can also face some legal consequences, including being reported to the Attorney General of Switzerland.

Even though Switzerland does not have traffic camera systems, the special patrols perform manual vignette controls. At the border, the control is performed by the BAZG employees, while inland, you may be controlled by the cantonal police.

Vignette exemption

Generally, the vignette requirement applies to drivers using Swiss motorways and roads marked with white and green signs when they enter a particular toll road. However, there are some exceptions where a vignette obligation is not applicable, provided that a driver takes the first exit off a given highway. The said vignette exemption covers the following highways:

  • Basel St. Louis
  • Rheinfelden
  • Kreuzlingen

Specific vehicle categories can also be exempted from the vignette requirement. These vehicle categories include:

  • police
  • vehicles dedicated to carrying help to Swiss nationals;
  • vehicles with military license plates;
  • test vehicles (vehicles for driver testing);
  • fixed trailers;
  • trailers and trolleys for motorcycles;
  • certain tractors;
  • and others.

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